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営業時間案内Welcome to Joetsu Kokusai Tourism Association website

Many of our member hotels and lodges serve you the homegrown Minamiuonuma Shiozawa koshihikari rice, which is known as No.1 tastein Japan.

We help you to find the accommodation from the list then to make a reservation. We will do our best to find the closest match to your needs and preference.

Facility Introduction

How to enjoy and relax at Japanese style accommodation.


Please take off your shoes at the entrance.
Where to keep you shoes depends on your accommodation.


Most Japanese style tatami rooms (or some rooms with beds) have separate bathroom and toilets.

Futon Bed

Japanese style bed, futon mattress on tatami.

How to use shared bath

Please wash yourself well before entering into the bathtub.
Do not wear underwear nor swimming suits in the bathtub.
Do not soak your towels in the bathtub.
Please make sure which bathroom is for female/male, and the time you could use the shared bath.


We serve your meal at the dining room.

Here is our accommodation list and the link to google translation.
Please copy the text then paste to get some information. We apologize that we only have accommodation introduction in Japanese.